Friday, December 26, 2008

big boy bed

So the last two weeks Riley has been fighting us when its time to sleep. he would throw a tantrum and scream and so finally after trying everything would could think of...we took down the front of his crib and put on the toddler railing...and instant happiness! he was so excited to be able to climb in and out of his bed as much as he wanted! I was very surprised to find that he never even tried playing with nay of his toys (I took the noisy ones out and left the soft books and and stuffed animals .) We also..hoping it might help..took him to build a bear and let him pick out an animal to make so he could have something at night time to snuggle with. (I plan on going back now that he ahs fallen in love with it getting a back up!) he picked out a dog. and I love checking on him and seeing his arm around him.

Monday, December 22, 2008


this last week has been crazy! Dave went out and measured yesterday afternoon and so far we had 9 inches of snow! I was reading on one of the news pages that this is the most snow we have seen since the 1950's! It has been soo much fun seeing it..soo pretty! Although I am very ready to have my car back and to be get back to our normal routine. But anyway..this morning we couldnt resist bundling up the little guy and standing him in the snow. He was not at all came up to his waist and he couldnt move! but I have the pictures for his book!

Friday, December 19, 2008


So today..after being stuck at home all mom came and took riley out for the afternoon...we finished our christmas shopping, and decided that with the weather being crazy right now.that we should try and see santa. We have seeb santa many times at the mall and we always stop at the fence and wave and say hello..we have talked about him and after waiting in line...he was not the least bit thrilled about being close to him. So unprepared as I was to have my picture taken had to jump in and join the fun. I figured it could go either way...but for some reason he is afraid of old people....not quite sure why. but is our santa picture:

merry christmas! stay safe and warm!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

special little visitor!

So yesterday morning I was awakened very suddenly and thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest! Riley came barging into my room and asked me to eat with a big grin on his face..I can only imagine what mine looked like! he has never tried (that I have seen) to climb out of his crib. I never heard a cry or a I didnt wake up! luckily our house is childproofed..because he decided to play for a bit..and let me sleep in a little. So last night he crib was dropped to the very last step toddler bed! I am soo not ready for that. and his door is now completley closed..just in case. we are getting to the point where he hates being in his crib. I am hoping we can hold him out just a little longer....

Monday, December 8, 2008

ball pit

SO now that the weather is getting colder and wetter I have been trying to come up with ideas to keep riley entertained ...and amused. So I came across a bag of air filled balls and thought I could throw them into his pool from the summer. Instant fun! he loves climbing in there and just waving his arms in the balls sending the everywhere! We learning fast though to check them every so often..he likes to hide things in there! things keys, remotes, get the drift!

christmas tree!

On sunday we ventured out into the cold to find our christmas tree! we bundled up our little monkey and off we went. We walked until we found just the right tree to cut down. then rode the tractor back to the front of the farm. Riley loved being able to run and explore. And dave and I love watching him!
here is a picture of our tree (sorry its sideways)...complete with baby fence! after we got home we had some yummy corn chowder for dinner and then we were going to take a walk down the street to look at lights..but no one had them on! so maybe another night this week. After riley went to bed we set up the tree and decorated it..he was soo excited in the morning to see it there and to see all the lights!

emilee's birthday party!

So last saturday we all went to Emilee's birthday party at papas pizza. Riley had a great time..he kept running back to the door that led into the play room and then would run straight to the little carousel. he loved it. he would just sit and hang on and smile..and then occasionally would let go with one hand to wave and everyone.

then when it was time to open presents he was right in the middle of all the kids trying to help! I cant wait to see him at christmas!

oh my..and a pit full of balls!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

a day in the life of a toddler!

So yesterday... Riley came up to me with one of his shoes.. and put it on top of his foot and signed help to I put his shoe on him..and then when I tried putting the other shoe on the other foot..he threw a fit! So he clomped around the house all afternoon with one she on! I kept giggling to myself...and the fun is just begining!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


10 reasons why I love my house...
1. The kitchen! this was the first room I saw and I was sold. It's huge! and I love to cook and watch riley ride his little bike around the island.. ir playing chase around it! we spend most of our time in this room. Its always a mess!
2. The dining room table. I love sitting at it eating dinner with dave and riley and talking about our day..reading the sunday paper here... its a great gathering spot.
3. the fireplace. its a wood burning fireplace and I love having fires in the winter.. it saves on our heating bill..I love hearing the wood crackle and drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn while snuggled under a blanket!

4. Rileys room! I painted it myself from a picture I saw in a magazine.. and I love the soft colors and watching him play in there on his own..watching him sleep in his crib..rocking him in the glider...

5. our entry way.. because I just like it!
6. this picture.. I got it for dave a long time ago as a birthday gift. I searched for it for a long time. and I just love looking at it.
7. this clock. we got it as a christmas gift 5 years ago when we moved into our house.. it is a swarovski crystal clock..the face opens and has lights and it plays beautiful music at the top of every hour... riley loves it! he will stop whatever he is into the room and watch it.
8. the is a mess because we are undecided about what we want to do with it..but we have a deck with a firepit where we sit during the summer..and riley runs around and its just nice to have a backyard! this is just half of it!
9 and these guys. our crazy dogs. without the yard we wouldnt have them!
10. our back fence...we have tons of squirrels and they run along the back fence. Riley and I go out everyday and lay peanuts alonf the top and watch them come running down and take them away!
11. ok so I have one more... our neighbors! we have the best neighbors.. they have become very good friends of ours over the time we have been here. we have a chain link fence on one side of the yard and we have spent many many hourse there at that fence talking and laughing.....
we have lived in our house for almost 6 years...and we have just started remodeling and making it our own. there is lots of work to do but it has been fun. our house is 1250 square feet, 3 bedroom 2 bath...we have a fron yard and a backyard..a school across the street....and great neighbors all the way around. we can walk to the and dairy queen. I want to thank michelle for tagging me. I had been thinking a lot lately how I would love to have a nicer..newer ,larger home... but after this.. I realize how much I really love my home. Its ours...and I love being here! thanks for reminding me!

Monday, November 3, 2008

My favorite time of year!

I Love the holidays! And I am soo excited that are soo close! I love the lights, the decorations, the gift giving, and the feeling that comes along with it all! the scarves and sweaters and the music.. I can hardly wait! I do wish however that we could finish one holiday before begin another... Is it me or does christmas seem to start earlier and earlier every year? this year I started seeing christmas stuff at the begining of october! One at a time please!


So our little riley was supposed to be a tiger for halloween.. but when I put his costume on him halloween morning.. he had outgrown it! So I frantically made a trip back to costco and found him a replacement. He was a little dalmation puppy! he was so cute. we took him trick or treating to the neighbors and a couple of friends that live really close and then came home and handed out candy to all the trick or treaters. Rileys friend Bryce turned one on halloween so we had to stop by there. it was so fun watching the two of them toddle around together! Then saturday night our neighbors had their annual halloween party... its a huge deal. I was helping make food for the event and so I spent much of last week baking. Riley loved it because all of the sugar cookies that were too small seemed to make it into his little hands. they happened to be just the right size. was it an accident? He was thrilled to have the treat. and I was thrilled to share!
This is Bryce.. cutest little monkey ever!
Our little Puppy! I Love seeing him smile!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Animal Cookies!

So Riley and I were walking the mall the other day and I ventured into Williams Sonoma (which I try not to do) and I came out with these adorable animal cookie cutters. It was a total splurge.. but I couldnt resist. They even came in a cute little train car.
So after I made them .. this is how they looked!

I can't wait to share them with Riley!

Update: So saturday Night, Since dave wasnt home I decided that I was just going to be done cold turkey with the binky. So When I put him to bed.. No crying and he fell asleep within 15 mintutes and slept through the night! He fussed a little bit the next night.. but for his naps fell right asleep. and We have been sleeping peacefully ever since! hooray!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Farmers Market

So today was a beautiful warm fall morning. So we packed riley a breakfast and headed out to farmers market. I love watching the seasons change through the market. Lots of flowers in the spring and then lots of pumpkins, apples, and pears in the fall. We came home with a salsa kit, corn, strawberries, homemade tamales, cauliflower, and apples! I cant wait for dinner tonight! I am going to make an apple crisp for dessert I think.
So last night I made a bigger hole in the end of Rileys binky and he threw a fit! He cried and screamed.. I would have let it go.. but I wasnt home and dave gave in! He did sleep through the night once he had a binky that worked... but still! So tonight I am going to make sure to hang around and help him tough it out. BUt atleast we are all getting some rest to look at the bright side!

Friday, October 17, 2008

all the way..revised

So I decided that since I was doing the cry it out method that I just couldnt take away his comfort item cold turkey. So I read an idea in one of my books and am giving it a try. So last night before bed I poked a small hole in the end of rileys binky. Tonight I will make the hole a little bigger and then starting tomorrow I am going to trim away a little at a time until there is nothing left. and eventually he wont get any satisfaction from sucking on it and should just toss it aside. I am hoping it works. He onlt uses it when he sleeps or is having a really bad day. they never leave the house.. so hopefully it will be an easy transition. So last night Riley went down at 7 30 without a hitch just like every night... normally he would wake up at a total of 4 times at night and be up for like an hour! Well, I went to bed all prepared for a long night... and when I awoke at 4 and realized he hadnt woke up yet... I went to sneak a peek at my sleeping boy ( I am guilty of still watching him sleep!) and when I cracked the door I saw that he was awake! just being quiet. and when he saw me.. it was over. I felt soo bad. I learned my lesson. So i quickly shut the door and he started calling for me and after about 5 minutes I went in and laid him down, no eye contact, no words, and left the room. he cried off and on for 15, maybe 20 minutes, I again went in and laid him down, no words no eye contact and left the room. he fell right asleep and didnt wake up until 830! he is pretty much a 730-730 kid, so it was nice to sleep in a little bit and catch up on some sleep. hopefully tonight will be just as nice!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

going all the way!

So.. my once great sleeper has decided the last few weeks that sleep is for the weak. I on the other hand am not convinced! So this being davids last 3 day weekend for a long time.. I decided that we are going to have to let him cry it out starting tonight.. while I have the help... and since his binky is part of the problem to this night waking problem...( he liked to throw them and hide them knowing we will come in and pick it up!) I am going to go all the way and take the binky away too. Its going to be a long weekend... But so worth it in the end! I will update on monday with our progress!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Random Ramblings

So.. its been a little bit since my last blog, and since I dont really have anything specific to blog about.. how about a bunch of little random things. We finally got a nice, pretty warm fall day so Riley and I headed out the backyard to play before lunch. We fed our squirrels and riley pushed his little wagon.

I added up my totals for the last month with my grocery shopping challenge ... and i cut our grocery bill in half! I spent an average of 50.00 dollars a week. of course not having to buy formula always helps! So now I have a well stocked pantry and only have to go to the store once a week.. if even that! Dave isnt aloud to go because he cant seem to stick to the list and comes home with a bunch of extras!

Riley wanted to put on Davids work boots.. and this is what you get!

can you tell I live with a toddler! his toys are everywhere! I am constantly moving and reorganizing his toys and things to try and make it a little neater. I guess thats all for now.. until next time!

Monday, October 6, 2008

fall weather

I absolutley love the fall! I especially love how you can feel the change in the air. A little cooler and brisk in the mornings and evenings. But still not too cold. Today was one of those days where we had to stay inside. So this afternoon I thought it might be fun to bring out the bin full of trucks and cars. Boy were they a hit! Riley even helped put them back in the bin when we were done! It amazes me how much he knows and understands. I still want to think of him as a baby! But he can follow simple directions.. is doing a great job at using his sign language (which has saved us from many tantrums!) but instead of just signing he also says the word! he can say sign eat, drink, mommy.. and he signs more.... he can say uh-oh, owie ( and if i say that hurts he'll say owie) bye- bye and up. and the dreaded word... No

what a little ham! He was talking to me while i was taking the picture. I love listening to his little jibber jabber.