Monday, November 3, 2008


So our little riley was supposed to be a tiger for halloween.. but when I put his costume on him halloween morning.. he had outgrown it! So I frantically made a trip back to costco and found him a replacement. He was a little dalmation puppy! he was so cute. we took him trick or treating to the neighbors and a couple of friends that live really close and then came home and handed out candy to all the trick or treaters. Rileys friend Bryce turned one on halloween so we had to stop by there. it was so fun watching the two of them toddle around together! Then saturday night our neighbors had their annual halloween party... its a huge deal. I was helping make food for the event and so I spent much of last week baking. Riley loved it because all of the sugar cookies that were too small seemed to make it into his little hands. they happened to be just the right size. was it an accident? He was thrilled to have the treat. and I was thrilled to share!
This is Bryce.. cutest little monkey ever!
Our little Puppy! I Love seeing him smile!

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