Monday, January 19, 2009

Lunch with Elmo

There is a cafe not far from my house that I frequent quite often. Its called me too, and its a place for parents to hang and kids can play! the staff is fabulous and the company is always good. Riley loves it there. So when I saw on their calendar that they were having lunch with elmo..I made reservations. Riley loves Elmo. He was soo excited when he saw him walk out...he kept pushing his way up front and hugging him and was brushing him. Elmo even talked! he was great. When we got home he seemed a little disappointed that his elmos were so small!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

two dollar tuesday!

on the second tuesday of every month the oregon zoo lets you get in for $2.00...and as always kids under 3 are free. So tuesday the weather was on our riley and headed to the zoo in hopes I would tire out my very energetic toddler. It was soo great..there was hardly anyone there and all the animals were out and about. Here are a few pictures..unfortunaltey non are of me or riley..kind of hard to wrangle a little kid, push a stroller and take pics...

this is baby Samudra..he was sooo adorable! Riley kept calling them doggies.

we had such a great time hopefully the weather will be on our side and we can go again next month!

Friday, January 9, 2009

a room for a toddler...

the last week I have been making rileys room more of his space. he loves playing in I have sorted and put toys into bins in the closet to pull out during the day (so he cant play with them at night). I am so excited for next weekend...dave and I got a babysitter and are headed to Ikea to pick up some wall shelves and things and spending the day together just us! And I am also excited for riley..because his cousin heidi is coming to play with him..she is the best babysitter ever! we are going to miss her when she goes off to college in the fall...

tyke light

this is the best thing ever! it is VERY riley has decided to test it out.....and it comes in a few diffrent colors. It is a soft light..and it has 3 diffrent brightness levels and even a 15 minute timer. I love it because riley knows how to turn it on. He often will wake up turn it on by himself at night...and I dont have to worry because its safe! (turns off and doesnt get hot.) I just plug it in to charge it up...

hold on tight!

My brother in law got riley a big tonka dump truck (which will be making its way outside as soon as the weather gets nice again). It is so large that riley fits in the back. So every night as soon as dave gets home riley pushes his truck up to his daddy and signs please...and so it begins. Dave pushes ...I mean races...riley down the hallway and around the island ..and riley just sits there relaxed and smiling and saying Ahhh! it is the funniest thing! I am so thankful for a large kitchen !


this picture I took today at lunch...whenever I look at it it makes me giggle. my son is such a goof!


the day after christmas we took riley to get his first real haircut. I have trimmed it at home ...but the back was coming in a lot thicker than the top ...which made it look like a mullet! I wasnt quite sure what he would think...But he was a champ! he sat in the chair by himself...and even giggled when the clippers came out to trim the neck part. he now has big boy hair...I forgot to take an after picture..I will try to post it later..