Wednesday, July 21, 2010

just for fun

I love this age! Riley is so goofy and funny right now. Dave was telling him the other night that it was time fo go to bed so he told dave that he needed to put his wings on his back so he could fly there. A typical conversation these days. So here are a few pictures I have taken that I am posting just for fun.

fun at the park!

My cousin found this great park in has some really cool play equipment...a water play area and a sand area with it's own water facet for making castles. I liked it because there weren't a lot of big kids in the water he didn't get trampled..and one whole side was blocked by it was easier to keep an eye on him! we will deffinatley be visiting this one again soon!


wow it's been awhile. we have been crazy busy lately. one of the fun things we have done is going out on our neighbors boat. a little nerve racking for me...but fun just the same. Riley loved it. he got to see some really big boats, drive the boat, and float behind on the intertube. they have a party boat and only goes about 10 miles per hour. he wasn't jumping wakes! he wasn't too sure about the tube. here a few pics!