Sunday, May 17, 2009

when daddy's away...

riley and I will play! This morning dave go left for seattle with some buddies to attend the mariner/red sox game. we were both supposed to go...the reason for going was because my team was playing...but at the last minute I decided to not go..long story for another day...but none the less, I decided that riley and I were going to have a great day anyway! We started off the morning with a quick trip to ikea...and then after an early nap in the car...we had lunch and then headed outside for some water play! he was more interested in splashing in the water than getting in it.and VERY excited that he had Elbow (elmo) on his swim diaper! after playing in the water for a bit ..we ventured up to dairy queen ( I hate having one so close to my house..because I have a weakness for soft serve!) and got ice cream cones. he ahs had ice cream before..but never on a cone. he loved it and ended up a sticky mess! we watched elmo in grouchland twice...which is a treat in its self..I try not to have the tv on during the day/week because I will watch it! poor little man was so tired he crashed an hour early tonight!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

redman WInery

Today we ventured out to newberg to go to a wine tasting out in newberg that we were invited to by mike, a man that david works with. His brother and sister in law own it and they were doing a wine tasting of some new wines they opened today. it was beautiful out there! but very warm. Riley had a great time entertaining everyone and being the center of attention as always. I would still like to know where he gets that from...its not from me! we would have loved to have stayed longer than we did but riley was getting very warm and he wouldnt stop moving! I cant blame him though..he had lots of room to run!