Monday, March 30, 2009

Riley's favorite thing!

One of riley's most favorite things to do these days is to go to grandmas and play with her doggies jade and hannah. He likes to use the "chuck it" to throw the ball for the dogs and the laughs and giggles. he thinks it is soo funny!

easter bunny!

On tuesday I decided to take riley to see the easter bunny over at the all. I was a little worried..just because of our experience with santa. But I was soo suprised! he loved him! he had a hard time waiting for his tuen...he wanted to go right over!

It amazes me everytime we do things like this how expensive they are now! whatever happened to the 5.00 poloroid we got when we were little? While we were at the mall I decided to walk in an effort to wear out my little man. everytime we would walk by a store that was playing loud music he had to stop right outside and dance.

childrens museum

last week riley and I met our friends doreen and bryce for a morning at the childrens museum. We had such a good time! Riley and Bryce are about 7 weeks apart so its always fun wathing them play! we are soo excited that we get to see them more often now!

Friday, March 20, 2009

personal penguin!

Riley and I LOVE Sandra Boynton books. we read them all the time. they are so silly and fun to read. some of them are even songs that you can download off of the website.. for free! So today i went and downloaded personal penguin (which is one of my favorites! When I started playing it riley broke out laughing...and then we danced around. it is quite a catchy little tune! But I love the words...which is why it is one of my favorites!

Monday, March 9, 2009

a quick catch up!

Oh my.. it's been awhile. we have all been sick, and are finally all feeling better. It seems like things just keep getting busier and busier these days. I can't believe that this thursday my little monkey will be 1 and a half! where has tthe time gone? he is now this little person who does pretty much everything on his own...with the help of a step stool of course. he picks up his room, puts his clothes in his dirty hamper, helps me stir when I am cooking, brushes his own teeth ( after mommy or daddy has brushed them!). But his favorite thing these days is still his cars. he always has one in each hand..more if he can figure out a way to carry them! here is picture from the other day. we were on our way home from runnung errands and he had fallen asleep with a car in his mouth!

about a month ago I rented a dumpster. I got the itch for a little spring cleaning even if it has been snowing! I threw out a lot of stuff ( and boy does it feel good!) and misplaced my usb cord for my camera. so I finally found it and can update pictures. I have been addicted to craigslist. I bought a couple of dressers and re finished them and I have been doing a remodel on our master bathroom. I have been a busy girl. I decided that If I was going to fix up and redecorate then I needed to be creative and try and do things as inexpensive as I can. craigslist if great for that. I even had some success selling a few items. I got a sewing machine for christmas so I have been teaching myself to sew. dave and I..I mean I splurged and bought riley a car table to play with. He loves it! so i have been spending many days just sitting and playing cars with riley! We are going to the doctor on friday for his 18 month check-up. I cant wait to see how much he has grown since last time!