Monday, March 9, 2009

a quick catch up!

Oh my.. it's been awhile. we have all been sick, and are finally all feeling better. It seems like things just keep getting busier and busier these days. I can't believe that this thursday my little monkey will be 1 and a half! where has tthe time gone? he is now this little person who does pretty much everything on his own...with the help of a step stool of course. he picks up his room, puts his clothes in his dirty hamper, helps me stir when I am cooking, brushes his own teeth ( after mommy or daddy has brushed them!). But his favorite thing these days is still his cars. he always has one in each hand..more if he can figure out a way to carry them! here is picture from the other day. we were on our way home from runnung errands and he had fallen asleep with a car in his mouth!

about a month ago I rented a dumpster. I got the itch for a little spring cleaning even if it has been snowing! I threw out a lot of stuff ( and boy does it feel good!) and misplaced my usb cord for my camera. so I finally found it and can update pictures. I have been addicted to craigslist. I bought a couple of dressers and re finished them and I have been doing a remodel on our master bathroom. I have been a busy girl. I decided that If I was going to fix up and redecorate then I needed to be creative and try and do things as inexpensive as I can. craigslist if great for that. I even had some success selling a few items. I got a sewing machine for christmas so I have been teaching myself to sew. dave and I..I mean I splurged and bought riley a car table to play with. He loves it! so i have been spending many days just sitting and playing cars with riley! We are going to the doctor on friday for his 18 month check-up. I cant wait to see how much he has grown since last time!

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Karin said...

What a cutie! I love the falling asleep with a toy car in his mouth, too Riley! He is so much fun, you are such a lucky girl!
Love you!