Sunday, August 15, 2010

update #2

So, not that anyone probably cares...but I do :0) here is how the rest of the week went. we had tacos, pretty simple. cooked the meat ahead of time and then reheated the night of. the baked chicken burgers ( and potato salad) : they were really easy and pretty yummy. I will probably omit the mayo next time and add it after. something about warm mayo kinda ruined it for me. SO i will try again and re modify the recipe for us. johnny marzetti ( or meat mixture on cheesy noodles) this one was really yummy. made the meat mixture and then the noodles and froze them in separate bags. defrosted and reheated. I will make the noodles next time on cooking night. Mine ended up really dry and didn't reheat very well. but I will make again. we were supposed to have turkey burgers, but was making some spicy honey chicken for the freezer so we had that for dinner instead with leftover potato salad. Korean beef on friday, always a family favorite here at our house. saturday night we ate out (too hot for anything).

my grocery bill this week came to 93.99 dollars. I scored big on some bogo packs of boneless chicken breast and boneless chicken thighs. I got 11 meals out of my 4 packages of chicken. I think it's pretty good, but I could have done better. I will post my menu later for this coming week, I am not sure if I will be able to execute it this week, I may be breaking into some of my stashed away steaks and what not as they weather is going to be very hot and I dont want the stove on at all. but thats alright, that just means I have my meals for the following week :0)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

OAWC update

So..I spent thursday night and part of friday getting my meals for the week ready. I spent 90.00 at the grocery store, which is about 30-40 more than usual. But I found a great deal on some steaks. they were buy one get one free and I actually bought the roast instead and got a roast free and cut my own steaks and ended up with 6 steaks total. I got 13 meals out of my groceries. I was pretty happy.
On friday night we had spicy honey glazed chicken thighs. Sooo yummy! we threw them on the grill and once I basted the glaze on we had our neighbors asking us for the recipe :0) I bought a pack of 14 and got 2 meals out of them. I was afraid 7 weren't going to be enough for the 3 of us because they are so small. But we had some left over and I sliced up the leftovers and had them on a salad for lunch on friday. I served them with green salad, which I always have and found a can of baked beans out on my pantry shelf. saturday we had lasagna with green salad and garlic bread. I actually made this friday and had enough for one was eaten and one was frozen. I am hoping that if this keeps up..I will get a free week at the end of the month. Tonight we had tangy marinated steak with leftover baked beans and we threw the other half of the garlic bread on the grill with it. easy peasy. It was soo yummy! I had made three of them and three batches of korean beef with the other 3 steaks. I have noticed that cooking this way has saved me on a lot of dishes and time. which is fine with me! I will review again in a couple of days when we have tried a few more!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Once a month cooking

that's my goal. But for now until we can find room for a 3rd freezer, I am going to try my hand at once a week cooking. Not only because of freezer space, But I want to try out some recipes before I commit us to food that ends not not being so tasty. So My grocery shopping days are Thursday nights..and I am hoping to put my meals for the week together at some point this weekend. So far Sunday is my only free day. But I may be able to swing it tomorrow. Here is a list of our dinners for next week. I will try and post at the end of the week with the taste test results. any ideas are more than welcome, as I am always looking to change things up. a quick note: I already buy loaves of Italian bread and freeze them. I make my own garlic spread and then just pull out the loaves and defrost them and make my own garlic bread. one loaf will last us two meals.

Friday- lasagna with green salad and garlic bread
Saturday- tacos with beans and rice
Sunday- Johnny marzetti with noodles,green salad
Monday- tangy marinated steak with baked potato and green salad
Tuesday- spicy honey chicken with potato salad and garlic bread (maybe)
Wednesday- pork roast with apples and sage and green salad and a veggie of some kind ( whatever I can find on sale)
Thursday- baked chicken burgers with potato salad and watermelon

I will keep you posted. Thanks Doreen for recommending the sight . they had some yummy recipe ideas. let me know if you try any :0)