Sunday, August 8, 2010

OAWC update

So..I spent thursday night and part of friday getting my meals for the week ready. I spent 90.00 at the grocery store, which is about 30-40 more than usual. But I found a great deal on some steaks. they were buy one get one free and I actually bought the roast instead and got a roast free and cut my own steaks and ended up with 6 steaks total. I got 13 meals out of my groceries. I was pretty happy.
On friday night we had spicy honey glazed chicken thighs. Sooo yummy! we threw them on the grill and once I basted the glaze on we had our neighbors asking us for the recipe :0) I bought a pack of 14 and got 2 meals out of them. I was afraid 7 weren't going to be enough for the 3 of us because they are so small. But we had some left over and I sliced up the leftovers and had them on a salad for lunch on friday. I served them with green salad, which I always have and found a can of baked beans out on my pantry shelf. saturday we had lasagna with green salad and garlic bread. I actually made this friday and had enough for one was eaten and one was frozen. I am hoping that if this keeps up..I will get a free week at the end of the month. Tonight we had tangy marinated steak with leftover baked beans and we threw the other half of the garlic bread on the grill with it. easy peasy. It was soo yummy! I had made three of them and three batches of korean beef with the other 3 steaks. I have noticed that cooking this way has saved me on a lot of dishes and time. which is fine with me! I will review again in a couple of days when we have tried a few more!

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