Thursday, August 5, 2010

Once a month cooking

that's my goal. But for now until we can find room for a 3rd freezer, I am going to try my hand at once a week cooking. Not only because of freezer space, But I want to try out some recipes before I commit us to food that ends not not being so tasty. So My grocery shopping days are Thursday nights..and I am hoping to put my meals for the week together at some point this weekend. So far Sunday is my only free day. But I may be able to swing it tomorrow. Here is a list of our dinners for next week. I will try and post at the end of the week with the taste test results. any ideas are more than welcome, as I am always looking to change things up. a quick note: I already buy loaves of Italian bread and freeze them. I make my own garlic spread and then just pull out the loaves and defrost them and make my own garlic bread. one loaf will last us two meals.

Friday- lasagna with green salad and garlic bread
Saturday- tacos with beans and rice
Sunday- Johnny marzetti with noodles,green salad
Monday- tangy marinated steak with baked potato and green salad
Tuesday- spicy honey chicken with potato salad and garlic bread (maybe)
Wednesday- pork roast with apples and sage and green salad and a veggie of some kind ( whatever I can find on sale)
Thursday- baked chicken burgers with potato salad and watermelon

I will keep you posted. Thanks Doreen for recommending the sight . they had some yummy recipe ideas. let me know if you try any :0)

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Doreen said...

How did it go???? I'm dying to know. I think I'm going to go for it this coming weekend. My mom said she would come and help :) I've got to get our freezer stocked before baby girl shows up...