Wednesday, November 5, 2008


10 reasons why I love my house...
1. The kitchen! this was the first room I saw and I was sold. It's huge! and I love to cook and watch riley ride his little bike around the island.. ir playing chase around it! we spend most of our time in this room. Its always a mess!
2. The dining room table. I love sitting at it eating dinner with dave and riley and talking about our day..reading the sunday paper here... its a great gathering spot.
3. the fireplace. its a wood burning fireplace and I love having fires in the winter.. it saves on our heating bill..I love hearing the wood crackle and drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn while snuggled under a blanket!

4. Rileys room! I painted it myself from a picture I saw in a magazine.. and I love the soft colors and watching him play in there on his own..watching him sleep in his crib..rocking him in the glider...

5. our entry way.. because I just like it!
6. this picture.. I got it for dave a long time ago as a birthday gift. I searched for it for a long time. and I just love looking at it.
7. this clock. we got it as a christmas gift 5 years ago when we moved into our house.. it is a swarovski crystal clock..the face opens and has lights and it plays beautiful music at the top of every hour... riley loves it! he will stop whatever he is into the room and watch it.
8. the is a mess because we are undecided about what we want to do with it..but we have a deck with a firepit where we sit during the summer..and riley runs around and its just nice to have a backyard! this is just half of it!
9 and these guys. our crazy dogs. without the yard we wouldnt have them!
10. our back fence...we have tons of squirrels and they run along the back fence. Riley and I go out everyday and lay peanuts alonf the top and watch them come running down and take them away!
11. ok so I have one more... our neighbors! we have the best neighbors.. they have become very good friends of ours over the time we have been here. we have a chain link fence on one side of the yard and we have spent many many hourse there at that fence talking and laughing.....
we have lived in our house for almost 6 years...and we have just started remodeling and making it our own. there is lots of work to do but it has been fun. our house is 1250 square feet, 3 bedroom 2 bath...we have a fron yard and a backyard..a school across the street....and great neighbors all the way around. we can walk to the and dairy queen. I want to thank michelle for tagging me. I had been thinking a lot lately how I would love to have a nicer..newer ,larger home... but after this.. I realize how much I really love my home. Its ours...and I love being here! thanks for reminding me!


Michelle said...

You have a darling home! thanks for dong the tag, it was fun to see it!

Brianne said...

super cute nursery!