Friday, October 17, 2008

all the way..revised

So I decided that since I was doing the cry it out method that I just couldnt take away his comfort item cold turkey. So I read an idea in one of my books and am giving it a try. So last night before bed I poked a small hole in the end of rileys binky. Tonight I will make the hole a little bigger and then starting tomorrow I am going to trim away a little at a time until there is nothing left. and eventually he wont get any satisfaction from sucking on it and should just toss it aside. I am hoping it works. He onlt uses it when he sleeps or is having a really bad day. they never leave the house.. so hopefully it will be an easy transition. So last night Riley went down at 7 30 without a hitch just like every night... normally he would wake up at a total of 4 times at night and be up for like an hour! Well, I went to bed all prepared for a long night... and when I awoke at 4 and realized he hadnt woke up yet... I went to sneak a peek at my sleeping boy ( I am guilty of still watching him sleep!) and when I cracked the door I saw that he was awake! just being quiet. and when he saw me.. it was over. I felt soo bad. I learned my lesson. So i quickly shut the door and he started calling for me and after about 5 minutes I went in and laid him down, no eye contact, no words, and left the room. he cried off and on for 15, maybe 20 minutes, I again went in and laid him down, no words no eye contact and left the room. he fell right asleep and didnt wake up until 830! he is pretty much a 730-730 kid, so it was nice to sleep in a little bit and catch up on some sleep. hopefully tonight will be just as nice!

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