Monday, October 6, 2008

fall weather

I absolutley love the fall! I especially love how you can feel the change in the air. A little cooler and brisk in the mornings and evenings. But still not too cold. Today was one of those days where we had to stay inside. So this afternoon I thought it might be fun to bring out the bin full of trucks and cars. Boy were they a hit! Riley even helped put them back in the bin when we were done! It amazes me how much he knows and understands. I still want to think of him as a baby! But he can follow simple directions.. is doing a great job at using his sign language (which has saved us from many tantrums!) but instead of just signing he also says the word! he can say sign eat, drink, mommy.. and he signs more.... he can say uh-oh, owie ( and if i say that hurts he'll say owie) bye- bye and up. and the dreaded word... No

what a little ham! He was talking to me while i was taking the picture. I love listening to his little jibber jabber.

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