Friday, December 19, 2008


So today..after being stuck at home all mom came and took riley out for the afternoon...we finished our christmas shopping, and decided that with the weather being crazy right now.that we should try and see santa. We have seeb santa many times at the mall and we always stop at the fence and wave and say hello..we have talked about him and after waiting in line...he was not the least bit thrilled about being close to him. So unprepared as I was to have my picture taken had to jump in and join the fun. I figured it could go either way...but for some reason he is afraid of old people....not quite sure why. but is our santa picture:

merry christmas! stay safe and warm!

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theslingers said...

We had the same issue with Evan. He didn't mind seeing him for the ground but he did not want to sit with him at all.