Wednesday, December 17, 2008

special little visitor!

So yesterday morning I was awakened very suddenly and thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest! Riley came barging into my room and asked me to eat with a big grin on his face..I can only imagine what mine looked like! he has never tried (that I have seen) to climb out of his crib. I never heard a cry or a I didnt wake up! luckily our house is childproofed..because he decided to play for a bit..and let me sleep in a little. So last night he crib was dropped to the very last step toddler bed! I am soo not ready for that. and his door is now completley closed..just in case. we are getting to the point where he hates being in his crib. I am hoping we can hold him out just a little longer....

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Michelle said...

Yikes!! I hate this climbing stage! How can you possibly keep them safe? Good luck with the escape artist, I am sooo happy that Brandon has not tried that yet!!!