Friday, December 26, 2008

big boy bed

So the last two weeks Riley has been fighting us when its time to sleep. he would throw a tantrum and scream and so finally after trying everything would could think of...we took down the front of his crib and put on the toddler railing...and instant happiness! he was so excited to be able to climb in and out of his bed as much as he wanted! I was very surprised to find that he never even tried playing with nay of his toys (I took the noisy ones out and left the soft books and and stuffed animals .) We also..hoping it might help..took him to build a bear and let him pick out an animal to make so he could have something at night time to snuggle with. (I plan on going back now that he ahs fallen in love with it getting a back up!) he picked out a dog. and I love checking on him and seeing his arm around him.

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