Sunday, June 1, 2008

camping trip

crawling around at the park

beautiful oregon beach

all bundled up and headed for the beach! he
fell asleep on the he didnt get to touch the sand

riley camping! and eating sweet potatoes

the inside

this a picture of our yurt.

our camping trip was loads of fun. however, the night time was horrible. the yurts were soo cool. Riley loved it because he got to be outside! which is his favorite thing to to. He hated sleeping in his portable crib. he woke up A lot and it was hard trying to keep him from crying at night and not to wake the other people around us. we left on thursday and were due home on sunday, but decided to come home a night early to regroup before dave goes back to work on monday. I swear when i laid riley down in his own bed there was a huge comforting sigh as his head hit the mattress. On friday we spent the day walking the beach and hanging out around manzanita and the campsite. then on saturday we went into seaside and walked and shopped and then went into cannon beach on the way back to camp. after dinner we packed up and headed home. but overall it was a great trip with great friends and we are looking forward to our next adventure!

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