Thursday, June 5, 2008

yay its thursday!

I love thursdays! they mean that riley and I get 3 days with david. he works longer hours during the week to have more time with us on the weekends. (not that he really has a choice in the matter) but nonetheless riley and I love thursdays. what I also love is when dave gets home seeing riley's face light up with a big ear to ear smile and just can't crawl fast enough to get to his daddy. (and seeing the smile on dave's face is just as great!).
So as i had written before, the time has come to take back my life and make the time to lose weight and get healthy. so yesterday I was very good about the food choices I made and even went to the gym and did some free weights and cardio. it felt great just knowing that I am making the change and getting active. I am going to our local rec center and using their gym.. its a lot cheaper (i am all about saving money) and its not commercialized so I dont get depressed just walking in and seeing size 2's in their barely nothing gym wear and six pack abs. ( fyi.. I have accepted the fact that my body has changed from having a baby.. i plan on doing it again! I just want to be a healthier me) most of the time its next to empty in the evenings... I am even trying to recruit a couple of friends to join a water aerobics class with me a couple of evenings a week. dave and i , and another couple went to a wedding a few weeks ago.. and my goal is for the dress I wore to be too big for me by august 14th ( thats when I am going to see phantom of the opera) and I would really love to go buy a new dress to wear. I will keep you posted on my progress.

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