Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the first one

I have decided to start a blog as the suggestion of a very good friend. I am not quite sure where to start or what to write about. I should be finishing up packing and cleaning , as we are leaving town for the weekend tomorrow. But I am procrastinating and waiting for rileys laundry to finish drying. It is moments like these where I am extra glad I am a stay at home mom. to just be able to pick up and go and not have to schedule the time off from work. I love staying home with my son. I am so in love with him .. i cant even find the words to describe it. and during the last 8 months I have fallen in love with dave all over again. he is a great husband and a terrific daddy. riley and I both adore him! I better get back to my list, will update on our trip when we get home. as it is our first overnighter with riley I am sure i will have plenty to share!+-

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