Thursday, September 25, 2008

todays shopping

so i decided to change my grocery shopping day to thursdays. I was having a hard time finding items on my list when i waited until sunday. So with riley in tow.. first stop was the deli for some jo jos. (to buy a little time to get my shopping done!) lots of great deals this week. spent more than I was planning... but I came in under budget last week. so some of the things I was able to stockpile were... coke (for dave) and 2 bags of chocolate chips (from daves wish list!) and 6 lbs of hamburger, 3 lbs of sausage and much more. SO here are the numbers. The shelf price was : $ 133.34, what I paid was $69.08. thats a savings of $ 64. 75. not too bad. I still walked out with a rain check... but thats alright, and was only able to use one coupon this week. the cashier was very impresses with my thirfty shopping. hopefully in the weeks to come I will be able to cut my bill even more as my stockpile grows!

the picture doesnt really do it justice... theres a lot you cant really see.. and I forgot to add the eggs.

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Michelle said...

Yeah I can leave a comment! :)

I am super impressed with your savings! Our grocery budget just keeps going up and up, we are trying to curb that. Our problem is that we have tons of food in storage but then we don't use it. Good for you!!!