Wednesday, September 3, 2008

catching up

Soo.. we have been havine a few computer issues lately so I havent been able to blog for awhile. we have been very busy. we spent a weekend in grants pass oregon for riley's great great grandmothers 95th birthday. it was very busy and he asnt too sure about the older folk. it was very cool because he got to meet his great great uncle, his great grandpa was there along with some great aunts and uncles and cousins. a little overwhelming for such a little guy. and if my anxiety wasnt bad enough before the road trip.. i decided 2 days before we were due to leave that I was going ro repaint rileys room. and i was determined to get it done. I saw the picture in a magazine and decided that i could do it. and I love how it turned out. now I just have to finish the decorating part of it.
riley is getting to be quite the little talker. always catching us off guard with a new word... or funny face. he is quite the comedian. I have been learning to crochet and it has become an obsession. i love it. still learning the ropes, but it is quite relaxing.
I can't believe that next week my little man will be 1! I wish I could push it out just for a few more weeks. It feels like we just brought him home yesterday! and now he isnt a baby but a little boy. I guess that me just being a mommy. so I have tons of pictures to upload... but my computer is not cooperating. so for now.. this is it. hopefully i can get them up later!

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