Tuesday, September 16, 2008


20 years ago i was ......9. just me my mom and my sister. How i miss the simple days of running around on the proprty chasing horses and goats and getting dirty. playing hide and seek in the dark and eating blackberries off the bush!

10 years ago I was .. 19. I was working full time and in a serious relationship. ( so glad it didnt work out or I would have not have met my true soul mate!) . I was also coming to terms with my crazy family and my anxiety issues.

5 years ago I was ...24 newly married and loving life. we bought our first house, got married and welcomed our puppy bailey into our lives! life was great!

3 years ago i was.. 26... working as a preschool teacher yet again and just enjoying time with my friends and husband.

yesterday I was.. relaxing at home with riley after a very busy weekend of him turning 1! and he woke with a little cold.. and was amazed at how well he is walking!

tomorrow.... I will be catching up on house work... go for our daily walk around the neighborhood and just enjoy life as a stay at home mommy and love rediscovering the world through my sons eyes!

next year... I will be turing 30! yikes! I will be celebrating 6 years of marriage to my husband, celebrating riley's 2nd birthday and then possbily soon after maybe... trying for baby number 2?

I tag anyone and everyone!

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