Sunday, August 3, 2008

you know your a mom when....

ok.. so last night I found myself giggling to myself. I was cleaning out some purses and everyone I opened had a diaper and a bag of cheerios inside! so I started thinking about the other ways my life has changed now that riley is here.
-my band aids are no longer flesh colored.. but decorated with bright red elmo's!
- measuring spoons are no longer for measuring, but for banging on the kitchen floor!
- gone are the days of top 40 music.. but has been replaced by kids music cd's! (which i love by the way!)
- when I am mopping.. the dog prints are accompanied by smashed carrots, crushed cheerios and berry blue jello!

so I am curious... how are your homes diffrent now that your little ones are here?

heres saying goodbye to babyhood and heading full force into toddlerhood!

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