Thursday, August 14, 2008

I've been tagged!

3 joys

* My boys! my husband, by crazy doggies who make me laugh everyday and my son who's chubby cheeks I just can't kiss enough!
* music. I love music. all kinds. riley and I spend a lot of time singing (or trying to) and dancing around like sillies .
* and reading and crocheting. it relaxs me and helps me to unwind.


* dying. I am so afraid of dying before I am ready. I know I have no control over it and that scares me even more.
* losing my family
* and rodents


* starbucks
* food
* shopping (i am trying to be better about it)

surprising facts

* I am anemic
* I suffer from social anxiety
* I could eat dave's mac and cheese for breakfast lunch and dinner!

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