Wednesday, July 30, 2008

first haircut!.. and some random things

Riley's hair was getting a little long in the back and so I decided to trim it myself! it isnt perfect.. but it looks much better. I have pictures.. I will post them soon. awhile ago I was working with him on his sign language.. and he seemed to understand the sign for milk.. but didnt reallt care about anything else. Well lately he has been doing a screeching and pointing type thing to get what he needs and i couldnt take it anymore.. so i dedicated myself to teaching him to sign. after 2 days... he is now signing "all done" and "drink". so our next signs to work on are going to be "more" and "eat". I will keep you posted on our progress.
I am so excited I can hardly stand it! in just a couple of weeks I am going to go see phantom of the opera! I am soo excited!. i just had to get that put of my system. I went to a monthly dinner last friday evening and got to visit with some of my former preschool students and their parents. I took riley along for everyone to meet, since none of them have ever met him before. it was so much fun and I cant believe how big and grown up they are! it was the perfect evening to have dinner at the park! I better go for now.. time to get ready for water aerobics!

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