Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm still here

It's been awhile since I last posted. It's been a rough few months, SO I will give the short version. This post is kind of a downer, just to forewarn you. But I promise the posts that follow will be much more positive.

So Everything kind of started last September. I Lost a pregnancy, got pregnant again and lost the pregnancy. 2 miscarriages in 3 months was really hard. Then in November I started having horrible daily migraines. After 7 months and lots of doctors, they have discovered that it was being caused by some serious TMJ. in the 7 months that it took for them to figure it out, I have had my primary doctor give up and refuse to see me ( they thought I was looking for pills, which was NOT the case), 2 ENTs , and a few emergency room visits and the removal of all four wisdom teeth. . and a nice cyst that was causing other painful problems. Yes I am a mess. But On the bright side, I am doing better..I am doing physical therapy which has helped a ton. But its been a long road. I have lost some friends, I have been upset and discouraged about wanting to try again for a baby, but knowing I can't until I could find out what was wrong and getting pain free. I haven't been able to exercise other than walking. But slowly I am getting there. SO enough of the bad and a quick update on other things.

Dave is now an intel employee. he is still an electrician, just not for a contractor anymore. SO proud of him. This was a big decision that we talked about for months. He took a pay cut, which means no moving for us for awhile. I am kinda bummed about that, but I am keeping my eye on the big picture. this job move is also opening a lot of doors for us.
Riley decided he wanted to go to school a few months ago and I told him he couldnt go if he didnt go pee in the potty. so That afternoon he put on underwear, and that was that. he was potty trained. for about 2 weeks. then he refused to poop in the toilet. So spring break came and there was no school. So I told him he couldnt go to school because he wasnt pooping in the potty. He hasnt had an accident since. He truly made it so easy for me. Nighttime though, we arent even close. he plays hard and he sleeps hard.
Dave's grandpa passed away about a month ago. he was very sick and we had been going up to washington a lot to spend time with him and help out where we could. He was a wonderful man and not a day goes by that we dont miss him.
We have started getting our garden ready to plant. its been kinda tricky, as we have had some crazy weather here this year. I have lots of pictures to post, but they will have to wait until my next post. I didn't realize the time and I am off to cook dinner :) I will post again soon.


Michelle said...

Alana- I am so sorry to hear all the bad news - I am especially sorry to hear about the loss of two babies - I don't even want to imagine how difficult that must have been. I am so sorry that I did not think to check up and see how you were doing - I was wondering why I hadn't seen any posts - but did nothing about it.

I am excited about Dave's new job and the good prospects.

Yeah for Riley potty training himself! Brandon and I had quiet the battle - but he does very well now - Yeah! Good luck with the night time thing - thats a hard one.

I hope lots of really good fortune comes your way soon!

Alana said...

thank you michelle :) I'm doing better now :) but thank you for your kind words. they mean a lot :)