Tuesday, March 30, 2010


OK. So Riley is absolutely in love with this guy:

He will watch the movie and line up all of his characters from the movie and plays with them all day long. I am a total enabler! I am constantly on the hunt for the characters he doesn't yet have. horrible I know. He gathered all of his trains up the other day and brought them to me and said "no trains mommy". I think Lightning McQueen and all his radiator spring friends are here to stay awhile. So I was curious If I am the only one who indulges my little one with his obsession ( which clearly is becoming mine!) and If you do what is it? I know in the near future I need to stop, as to not make it a habit. But for now, Oh Well :0)


Doreen said...

I love it! The best part is, it's a movie I can actually stand to watch :) Bryce loves playing with the cars as well, but he's still super addicted to Thomas. So much so that we finally gave in and got a train table. I kind of wish he would transition to the cars because they're much more affordable. We miss you guys!

Kelli said...

Kyle loves a cartoon called Ben 10. He has been watching it for 3 yrs now and it has 4 inch action figures. Ever time I walk into a store that sales toys I look. He will play with them for hours still. He takes them to share and shows them off. He even sleeps with them. We now have about 30 of them, I even entered him in a contest for Cartoon network and won him 10. So yes I help with Kyles obsession. Evan doesn't appear to have one yet.

Michelle said...

We have the same obsession at our house! I counted up all the cars the other day and realized that the 28 cars cost us apoxamitly $125that is terrible!
The obsession began with my inlaws hunting them down and buying them. Then Brandon would inevitably loose one and we would have to buy a replacment because my in-laws would freak out if they found out we lost one of the precious cars, now we have 3 Maters, 2 Sarges, 3 Lightenings, 2 Dinoco blue lightenings, and 2 Chick Hicks - YIKES! And now I am equally obsessed with finding more to complete the set - its terrible! Are you as annoyed as me that the only place to buy a Sally car is on-line and for way too much money? And why are there no Lizzy , or Red cars? I wish we could have the whole Radiator Springs set, Oh Well
My sympathies :)

Alana said...

I am so glad I am not the only one! Michelle, they have lizzie, but like sally, she is really spendy and I have only seen her on ebay...I have also seen the mike and sully and buzz and woody cars. But i refuse to spend 30 dollars in them. My big obsession recently was trying to find Mac the truck, and a blue mater. oh my. I think I need Help :0)
Kelly, Riley is the same way. thats all he plays with. he loves them. I too check every store that sells toys.