Friday, January 29, 2010

New Bike

Dave and I have been going back and forth for awhile about getting Riley a strider bike. If you haven't heard of the before..they are way cool. It looks just like a regular 2 wheel bike, but it doesn't have pedals. So it is like a balance bike. It teaches kids to ride without training wheels. You start out by sitting and walking and then as their balance and confidence increases they start gliding and picking their feet up. check out the website we are lucky enough to have a dealer not far from us so we were able to pick it up. So i took riley to go pick out a bike helmet (he chose a lightning mcqueen one) and then saturday afternoon we went and picked it up. the lady came out holding it and he just kept jumping up and down my blue bike my blue bike ( he chose blue). We havent been able to pull him off of it since. he constantly asks, where's my blue bike? anytime we leave the house he thinks it needs to come. His helmet, he won't take it off. I have gotten some strange looks because he wears it EVERYWHERE! Last night dave took riley across the street to "ride his bike" and he actually starte trying to pick his feet up! the gal said not to expect him to for a couple of months. But our little fearless daredevil had to give it a go. He put his feet right back on the ground. Here are a ew pictures from saturday afternoon. My camera died so I only got a few pictures.

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Doreen said...

So adorable! I've never heard of a Strider bike before. Looks pretty cool. We miss you guys!